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National Resource Directory
The National Resource Directory is one of the largest online collections of government and non-government resources specifically designed for Veterans, service members, their families and caregivers. With a unique collection of more than 16,000 organized and vetted resources, the directory provides information covering a variety of topics, including benefits and compensation, education, homeless assistance, housing and other services.
1st Signal Brigade
Brigade Staff Duty (24/7) Phone Number. * To place a call from the U.S. to a Humphreys DSN phone number, dial 011-82-5033+last 6 digits. * To place a call from the U.S. to a Korean cell phone, dial 011-82 + last two digits of prefix + rest of the phone number. * To dial a toll-free 1-800 number from a DSN line, dial 94-800 + rest of the phone number. * Collect calls may not be accepted on Military telephone lines (including telephone lines in living quarters).
2ID/RUCD & Camp Humphreys-Based Subordinate Brigades
Staff Duty (24/7) Phone Numbers. * To place a call from the U.S. to a Humphreys DSN phone number, dial 011-82-5033+last 6 digits. * To place a call from the U.S. to a Korean cell phone, dial 011-82 + last two digits of prefix + rest of the phone number. * To dial a toll-free 1-800 number from a DSN line, dial 94-800 + rest of the phone number. * Collect calls may not be accepted on Military telephone lines (including telephone lines in living quarters).
35th ADA Brigade (Osan AB)
Battalion Staff Duty (24/7) & Emergency Phone Numbers. * To place a call from the U.S. to a Humphreys DSN phone number, dial 011-82-5033+last 6 digits. * To place a call from the U.S. to a Korean cell phone, dial 011-82 + last two digits of prefix + rest of the phone number. * To dial a toll-free 1-800 number from a DSN line, dial 94-800 + rest of the phone number. * Collect calls may not be accepted on Military telephone lines (including telephone lines in living quarters).
501st Military Intelligence Brigade
Brigade Staff Duty (24/7) Phone Number. * To place a call from the U.S. to a Humphreys DSN phone number, dial 011-82-5033+last 6 digits. * To place a call from the U.S. to a Korean cell phone, dial 011-82 + last two digits of prefix + rest of the phone number. * To dial a toll-free 1-800 number from a DSN line, dial 94-800 + rest of the phone number. * Collect calls may not be accepted on Military telephone lines (including telephone lines in living quarters).
65th Medical Brigade
Brigade Staff Duty (24/7) Phone Number. * To place a call from the U.S. to a Humphreys DSN phone number, dial 011-82-5033+last 6 digits. * To place a call from the U.S. to a Korean cell phone, dial 011-82 + last two digits of prefix + rest of the phone number. * To dial a toll-free 1-800 number from a DSN line, dial 94-800 + rest of the phone number. * Collect calls may not be accepted on Military telephone lines (including telephone lines in living quarters).
Battalion Staff Duty (24/7) Phone Number. * To place a call from the U.S. to a Humphreys DSN phone number, dial 011-82-5033+last 6 digits. * To place a call from the U.S. to a Korean cell phone, dial 011-82 + last two digits of prefix + rest of the phone number. * To dial a toll-free 1-800 number from a DSN line, dial 94-800 + rest of the phone number. * Collect calls may not be accepted on Military telephone lines (including telephone lines in living quarters).
Soldiers and Families identified to PCS to Korea are highly encouraged to visit 8th Army's Newcomers section on the Official Home Page of the Eighth Army The Korean peninsula has undergone major transformations and this website is designed to assist Soldiers and Families with a before travel and in-processing guide. This website also serves as an online One-Stop where personnel can connect and learn about the programs and services offered in their future community.
A-3 SOFA Visa/Immigration
A3 visas and Status of Force Agreement (SOFA) Stamp; Accompanying family members of active duty member0s, DoD Civilians, invited Contractors are required to get A3 visa and SOFA stamp within 90 days upon arrival.
The exchange taxi dispatching services offers you with fast and friendly taxi dispatching. Their goal is to make you satisfied with the automatic dispatching system.
Adaptable Human Solutions (Pyeongtaek Office)
Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
AA meetings for the Camp Humphreys & Osan AB Communities. Camp Humphreys AA Contact Steve C: 010.3271.0621 Email: Osan AFB AA Contact Mr. David Brittain C: +82-010-8354-1576 Email:
American Red Cross
The mission statement for the American Red Cross, Service to the Armed Forces is "To provide humanitarian support to service members, veterans, and their families around the clock, around the globe, under a trusted symbol." The American Red Cross at Camp Humphreys offers volunteer opportunities, emergency messaging services, Health and Safety classes, information and referrals, education and Veterans assistance. The American Red Cross provides Emergency Communication Messages to soldiers, DOD civilians, retirees, and family members through our emergency messaging system. Messages can be started by calling the U.S. call center at 1-877-272-7337, or by calling any of the American Red Cross offices in Korea.
Army Community Service
The Army Community Service (ACS) is a comprehensive blend of quality of life programs in line with Department of Defense (DoD) activities. The programs offered are intended to provide support services, education and information to assist Soldiers, Family Members, Retirees and DoD Civilians assigned to USAG Humphreys and Suwon Air Base.
Army Emergency Relief
Army Emergency Relief (AER) provides financial assistance to active duty Soldiers, Family members, and retirees during times of valid emergency need. AER provides interest-free loans, grants, or a combination of both to those who qualify for financial assistance. Areas of assistance may include: non-receipt of pay or allowance, lack of basic necessities, payments for initial rent, to prevent eviction, mortgage payments, foreclosures, or utilities, and travel expenses for emergency leave. For AER assistance after duty hours, contact the American Red Cross.
Army Substance Abuse Program
Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) offers the following Services:Substance Abuse Prevention/Awareness Training, Unit Risk Inventory(URI) Surveys, Suicide Prevention Training and MRT Training, The Drug Testing Program Offers UPL certification/recertification courses, and Civilian Random and Pre-employment Testing. ASAP also offers Employee Assistant Program (EAP) Services, such as assessments, referrals, short term counseling services, as well as EAP and ASAP education to family members and civilians ages 18 and up.
Army Volunteer Corps
Army Volunteer Corps (AVC) serves as the single point of contact for volunteerism on Camp Humphreys and assists with providing information about current volunteer opportunities on the installation and in the surrounding communities by helping with recruiting and direction perspective volunteers to potential volunteer openings. AVC provides trainings for volunteer managers and volunteers. These trainings include: Installation Volunteer Orientation, Market Your Volunteer Experience - From Volunteer to Career, Volunteer Management 101, Orienting and Training Volunteers, and Volunteer Management Information System (VMIS). Additionally, the AVC programs coordinates installation volunteer recognition events such as the Volunteer of the Quarter and National Volunteer Week activities.
Army Wellness Center
Army Wellness Centers (AWC) provide programs and services that improve and sustain health, performance, and readiness of the Total Army delivered by highly trained health professionals. The AWCs are an actionable platform delivering evidence based programs that improve individual and unit readiness, utilizing mobile advanced testing technology, providing immediate feedback to improve Soldier readiness delivered by highly trained health & human performance professionals.. These programs and services will be comprised of: Health assessment review, General Wellness, Tobacco education, Stress management education, Physical fitness, and Healthy nutrition. Operational since 1 March 2019. Appointments are required.
Arts and Crafts Center
Whether you’re a novice or expert, the USAG Humphreys Arts and Crafts Center staff can help you uncover or enhance your artistic talents. The center offers a variety of classes for users of all ages, custom professional framing, painting events, do-it-yourself studio hours, group events and birthday parties. Services provided include: •Custom Painting •Object Repair (PCS damaged items such as broken frames, glass, statues, etc.) •Helium Balloons and Gas Charging •Heating Sublimination (Custom mugs, mouse pads and tiles) •Matting and Framing •Quilt Stitching ◦The Quilting Lab has a longarm quilt stitch machine that will give your quilts stitching in beautiful patterns. Available for free quotes! Don't forget to bring us your quilt as a separate top and back (your backing must be larger than the top, preferably 10 inches). Also ensure that the edges of your back are straight to help the loading process. The Quilting Lab also offers the Foundation of Sewing and other sewing classes.
Automotive Skills Center
The Automotive Skills Center provides vehicle inspections, basic mechanical services, vehicle bays for self- service, small parts, and other maintenance items.
Better Opportunities for Soldiers (BOSS)
Better Opportunities for Soldiers (BOSS) is a program that supports the overall Quality of Life (QOL) for single and unaccompanied Soldiers.  The program is comprised of three guiding pillars: Community Service, Quality of Life, and Recreation/Leisure.  Bi-monthly meetings are held in the Community Activities Center Ballroom at 3pm.  Additional BOSS activities include Recreational Trips, Life Skills Classes, Board Study Group, BOSS Representative Training, and Volunteerism.
Brian D. Allgood Army Community Hospital (BDAACH)
Capabilities: Emergency Medicine –Twelve bed Emergency Room Primary Care (Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Flight Medicine) Medical Services (Dermatology, Internal Medicine, Pulmonology, Intensive Care Unit) Behavioral Health (Psychiatry, Psychology, Social Work, AMIOP, Family Advocacy) Surgical Services (OB/GYN, ENT, General Surgery, Orthopedics, Urology, Podiatry,OMFS) Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (Physiatrist, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy) Preventive Medicine (Occupational Health, Public Health Nursing) Nutrition Care Active duty & AD Family Members call DSN: 737-2273 / 050-3337-2273 Retirees can call at 0900 every day for a same-day appointment DSN: 737-2273 /050-3337-2273 DOD civilians and contractors can call at 1200 noon each day for a same-day appointment.
Camp Humphreys Commissarry
Grocery Store.
Camp Humphreys Main Exchange (AAFES)
Retail Shopping. Wesite will provide info to various shopping centers and food courts.
Carius Dental Clinic
Provides dental care for Soldiers, as well as dependents on a limited basis. Please call 737-9207 for full availability of services.
Child and Youth Services (CYS)
Child & Youth Services (CYS) recognizes the challenges of our Soldiers and their Families. By offering quality programs for children, youth and students, CYS supports the Army Family by reducing the conflict between mission readiness and parental responsibility.
COL Dean E. Hess Child Development Center
Offers on-post quality full-day, part-day and hourly child care to include the Strong Beginnings Pre-Kindergarten program for children between the ages of 6 weeks and 5 years. Our specialized and trained staff have a strong educational foundation for early childhood practices and theories. Our staff insures all children receive the proper nurturing, respect and social interaction skills regardless of family background, race, gender or culture. We give our children the opportunity to make friends, to explore and to experiment through a variety of play activities.
Collier Community Fitness Center
The 100,000 square foot Humphreys Community Fitness Center (also known as the Super Gym) has three floors and boasts and indoor pool, three regulation basketball courts, a 200 meter indoor running track, dynamic weight room, a racquetball room, cardio equipment, and a myriad of fitness classes.
Commercial Travel Office (CTO)
The Camp Humphreys Commercial Travel Office assists Soldiers and civilians with booking their Official Travel, for the purpose of PCS, Emergency Leave, TDY, retirement, etc.
Community Activity Center
Community Activity Center is co-loated with Outdoor Recretion. This facility is available for birthday parties, Video Games, and a Family Fitness Room. Across the street from Army Lodging, it’s an opportunity to get out of your room for some positive outcome leisure and recreation.
Cowan Post Office (Bldg. 6809)
United States Postal Service. This post office is located near Sitman Gym. See official website for more information.
CPT Jennifer M. Moreno School Age Center
The School Age Care (SAC) program is designed to provide children grades 1st through 5th with a safe place to go before and after school. It offers a full range of school age service programs including special camps, field trips, homework assistance, a variety of clubs and a Youth Technology Lab. Additionally, the School Age Center offers camps during school vacations as well as summer day camps.
Downtown Recreation Center
The Downtown Recreation Center, located at Downtown Plaza, features many recreational activities such as billiard tables, table tennis, computers, conference room, gaming systems, TVs, music rooms, birthday party rooms and more!
Education Center
The Army Continuing Education System (ACES) promotes lifelong learning, readiness and resilience through flexible and relevant education programs, services and systems in support of the Total Army family.
Employment Readiness Program
The Employment Readiness Program (ERP) provides job search assistance and career counseling for military Family members. The program offers assistance and tools Family members need to successfully search for and obtain employment. Services provided include job postings, career coaching, workshops and hiring fairs, and small and home-based business counseling.
Exceptional Family Member Program (ACS)
The Army Community Service Exceptional Family Member Program (ACS-EFMP) is a mandatory enrollment program for Family members (child or adult that meets eligibility criteria) with any physical, emotional, developmental, or intellectual disorder that requires special treatment, therapy, education, training or counseling that works in partnership with various military and civilian agency to provide comprehensive, coordinated support. Examples of special needs include: asthma, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, autism, learning disorders, and oppositional defiance disorder. ACS-EFMP offers advocacy services, IEP assistance, relocation assistance, respite care to eligible recipients, support groups, workshops and referrals.
Exceptional Family Member Program (MEDDAC)
The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) is a Department of Defense program designed to identify and document the special medical and/or educational needs of a Soldier’s Family members and ensure that those needs are considered during the assignment process. Enrollment in the EFMP is mandatory for all Active Duty military sponsors who have Family members with special medical and/or educational needs. Enrollment should be completed at the time of initial diagnosis of medical problems and/or awareness of educational concerns. The program applies to adults as well as children up to 21 years of age. EFMP screening is required for all sponsors requesting command sponsorship, consecutive overseas tours, AIP or an addition to orders.
Family Advocacy Victim Advocate
24/7 Family Advocacy Victim Advocate provides crisis internvetion, victim advocacy, and non-clinical counseling services for victims of domestic violence and child abuse.
Family Life Center
We aim to provide people a sense of mental stability by giving counsel. Anyone who need spiritual or sympathetic support would be restored through the good experience here.
Financial Readiness Program
Financial Readiness Program (FRP) provides Soldiers and Family members with financial information, education, and individual financial counseling. FRP offers an assortment of services to assist individuals with improving individual financial well-being, financial self-sufficiency, and reduce financial stressors. FRP emphasis is on educational workshops and classes. However, FRP also provided information and support concerning consumer awareness, consumer advocacy, and emergency financial assistance. FRP also facilitates Personal Financial Readiness Training, a mandatory class for all first term Soldiers.
Four Chaplains Memorial Chapel
USAG Humphreys Chapel Community offers a variety of exciting programs to meet your religious and spiritual needs. Come join us for faith, friendship and fellowship!
Freedom Chapel
We aim to provide quality religious support to USAG Humphreys and serve as a means of connection, spiritual renewal and restoration.
Good Morning Hospital
Psychology/Psychiatry & Full Medical Services
Hope and Wellness Services (Pyeongtaek Office)
Housing Division
Housing assists with locating and/or providing adequate living accommodations on- or off-post for all eligible DOD military and civilian personnel. Housing assistance includes: eligibility and assignemnt for Army Family Housing (AFH) and Senior Living Quarters (SLQ); 24 Hour AFH and SLQ Maintenance; off-post housing support (i.e., rental agreement assistance and safety inspections); and managing government furnishings for AFH, SLQ, and off-post housing. OR Housing Online User Services:
Humphreys Army Lodging
Humphreys Lodge, part of the Army Lodging Hospitality Program, is available for official and leisure travel for Department of Defense travelers on official business as well as military members and their Families and Retirees.  Military personnel on orders must receive a Certificate or Statement of Non-Availability from Humphreys Lodge prior to staying in an off-post hotel in order to be reimbursed for lodging expenses.  Amenities include laundry facilities, continental breakfast, free Wi-Fi, microwave and refrigerator, and built-in kitchen (suites).  Additionally, Pet friendly rooms are available (additional fees may apply). Reservations can be made 24/7 by contacting the Humphreys Lodge or using the Army Lodging website.
Humphreys Central Elementary School
Humphrey Central Elementary School serves students in Sure Start, and Kindergarten through 4th grade.
Humphreys High School
Humphreys High School serves students in 9th through 12th grade.
Humphreys Middle School
Humphreys Middle School (HMS) serves students in 5th through 8th grade.
Humphreys United Club & Thrift Store
The United Club is a self-sustaining, private organization and 501(c)(3) public charity whose purpose is for charitable and social purposes. This includes lessening the burden of the government by promoting friendship among the entire military community (including all branches of service, active duty, retirees, spouses, and others), developing and fostering a spirit of goodwill and community responsibility, providing opportunities for social, cultural, and creative pursuits, and distribution of scholarships for individuals, grants for organizations, and support for the local community. In addition, the Humphreys United Club runs the Humphreys Thrift Store.
Humphreys West Elementary School
Humphreys West Elementary School serves students in SureStart, and Kindergarten through 4th grade.
I Care Counseling
Information, Referral and Follow-up Program
The Information, Referral, and Follow-Up Program serves as a centralized point for information and referral to a comprehensive network of internal and external agencies, services and programs, including crisis intervention and in-processing. The program also provides fax/copier/DSN phone line, computers with internet and printer capability (no USB drive access), Army Community Service (ACS) overview briefings, ACS Information Tables, ACS Open Houses, ACS Monthly calendars, and Area and Installation Maps.
Jenkins Medical Treatment Facility (MTF)/Master Sgt. Henry L. Jenkins Soldier Centered Medical Home (Soldiers only)
Jenkins Clinic is a Military Treatment Facility (MTF) located on Camp Humphreys that provides family and soldier care.
Korea Psychological Group
Leisure Travel Services (Discover Seoul)
Explore Korea with Discover Seoul. Day trips and discounted tickets to attractions in Korea (e.g., Lotte World, Everland, COEX, Aquarium, Carribbean Bay, etc.) can be purchased through here.
Main Post Office (Bldg. 5730)
United States Postal Service. This is the main post office, located near the PX.
Military and Family Life Consultants (MFLCs)
Military and Family Life (MFLC) Counselors provide Soldiers and their Families the opportunity to seek free, short-term, confidential counseling services in the areas of anger management, communication, relationship issues, relationship building, conflict resolution, parenting, decision making skills, and no records are maintained.
Military OneSource
Military OneSource from the Department of Defense is your 24/7 gateway to trusted information, resources and confidential help. When MilLife happens, it’s your “first line of support” — giving service members and military families tools to stay well and thrive.
Military Police
The U.S. Army Garrison Humphreys Provost Marshal’s Office ASSISTs members of the Humphreys community by providing guidance on law enforcement, emergency response, and security issues. PROTECTs the community with 24-hour law enforcement, force protection, and community assistance while maintaining liaison with federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies. DEFENDs good order and discipline by enforcing the rule of law and policies of the Garrison Commander and the USFK Commanding General. Military Police contact information can be found below.
Mobilization and Deployment Program
The Mobilization, Deployment, and Support Stability Operations (MDSSO) prepares Soldiers, Family members, and Civilians to excel through predeployment, mobilization, reintegration, and sustainment operations.  MDSSO provides information and trainings to include Family Readiness Group training and Noncombatant Evacuation Operations(NEO) briefings. MDSSO also act as a case manager for all requests for assistance through the Army Disaster Personnel Accountability and Assessment System (ADPAAS).
Morning Calm Center
A large conferencing and catering center available for community members to reserve rooms for a variety of functions.
Morning Calm Post Office (Bldg. 727)
United States postal Service. This post office is located near the Morning Calm Center (Sentry Village Area).
New Parent Support Program (ACS)
The New Parent Support Program is a voluntary program that offers support, education, and assistance to expectant parents and parents of newborns, toddlers, and children up to the age of 3. Hospital and home visitation by a Registered Nurse provide opportunities to learn about infant care, breastfeeding, safety proofing the home, and infant and child development. The program also offers playgroups and classes weekly.
Official No-fee Passports
Mission Statement: to support the United States Department of Defense (DOD) by assisting DOD Service Members, Civilians and Family Members in obtaining official travel documents necessary to facilitate official government travel. Vision: to provide professional, knowledgeable and timely service to every customer we have the privilege of assisting.
Outdoor Recreation
Outdoor Recreation offers adventure programming, Warrior Adventure Quest, cultural and family programs, recreation equipment rental, facility rentals, and special event support. Additionally, Outdoor Recreation provides garden plot rentals from March through the end of October; special rates apply to the winter season.
Pacific Victors Chapel
We aim to provide quality religious support to USAG Humphreys and serve as a means of connection, spiritual renewal and restoration.
Parent Central Services (CYS Registration)
Parent Central Services (PCS) is the central point of contact for registration and participation in all Child, Youth and School Services to include the Child Development Center, School Age Center, Youth Center, SKIES Unlimited, etc. Parent Central Services provides families with information, resources, and support to assist families with making well-informed childcare decisions.
Pet Care (The First Class Pet)
Brand new facility opened in 2022. Offers dog, cat, and small mammal boarding. Other services include dog grooming, dog self wash station and pet supplies store. For both PCS arrival and departure, offers travel consulation as well as pet airpot taxi services.
Religious Support Office
The Religious Support Office provides comprehensive religious support to the Camp Humphreys community through religious services; rites, sacraments, and ordinances; pastoral care; religious education; and institutional ministry. USAG Humphreys Chapel Community offers a variety of exciting programs to meet your religious and spiritual needs. We have four Chapels supporting our programs: Pacific Victors Chapel (Bldg. 6360), Warrior Chapel (Bldg. 6800), Freedom Chapel (Bldg. 695) and Four Chaplains Memorial Chapel (Bldg. 2230). Come join us for faith, friendship and fellowship!
Relocation Readiness Program
The Relocation Readiness Program (RRP) provides information and assistance to military personnel and their Families as they transition from one community to another. Services available include: Newcomers and Spouse Orientation, Welcome Packets, SMART Start Tour, Smooth Move Workshop, Lending Closet, Sponsorship training, and informational/educational classes such as Citizenship and Immigration, Basic and Intermediate Korean, and English as a Second Language.
Retirement Services Office Korea
The Retirement Services Officer (RSO) provides assistance to Soldiers and their Families preparing for and transitioning into retirement, Families of Soldiers who die on active duty, and Retired Soldiers, surviving Spouses and their Families. The RSO Provides counseling to these groups on their rights, benefits and entitlements. The RSO Assists with Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) elections. The RSO Keeps the retiree population informed of law and benefit changes. The mailing address is: Retirement Services Office USAG Humphreys Unit 15228 APO AP 96271
School Liaison Officer
The School Liaison Officer (SLO) assists with school transition support services both to and from Camp Humphreys, installation and school communications, local school information, and homeschool support.
Seoul Counseling Center (Pyeongtaek Office)
SFC Paul R. Smith Youth Center
The Youth Center offers a wide range of programs and activities for children in 6th-12th grade including homework assistance, computer lab, arts and crafts, movie nights, mini-lock-ins, field trips and more. The framework of the Youth Center focuses on four service areas: life skilles, citizenship, and leadership opportunities; arts, recreation, and leisure activities; academic support, mentoring, and intervention services; and sports, fitness, and health options.
SFC Ray Duke Memorial Library
The SFC Ray E. Duke Memorial Library offers designated quiet study areas, WiFi access, commerical internet computers, photocopiers, homeschooling resources, and a paperback swap rack. The library boasts a wide range of E-books, children's books, military professional readings, DVDs, CDs, audiobooks, magazines, and newspapers. Direct and inter-library loans are available from Army libraries around Korea.
SHARP (Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention)
The Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention Program (SHARP) reinforces the Army's commitment to eliminate incidents of sexual assault through a comprehensive policy that centers on awareness and prevention, training and education, victim advocacy, response, reporting, and accountability. Additionally, the policy promotes sensitive care and confidential reporting for victims of sexual assault and accountability for those who commit these crimes. Individual Sexual Assault Response Coordinators (SARCs) and Victim Advocates (VAs) are assigned to individual units.
Sitman Fitness Center
Sitman Fitness Center, at approximately 44K square feet, features equipment checkout, locker rooms, a basketball court, a weight room, a stationary cycling room, a cardio room, multi-purpose fitness rooms, racquetball courts, and a combative/boxing room. This facility offers 24/7 patron access.
SPC Ross A. McGinnis Warrior Zone
The SPC Ross A. McGinnis Warrior Zone is a state-of-the-art high tech recreation facility centered around high-speed gaming options with a large variety of entertainment systems. This Service Member exclusive facility provides customers with a variety of activities and services (PC Gaming, General PC use, Billiards, ping pong Board games) for all their recreational needs. It's the perfect recreational facility for Service Members and their guest over the age of 18.
Splish and Splash Outdoor Pool *Closed Until 2026/27*
Splish and Splash Outdoor Pool is a water park that features two slide pools, an Olympic-sized pool, kiddie playground pool and three diving boards.  It can accommodate over 1,000 people and has sun beds and umbrellas for those looking to relax.  The park also features a snack bar and a stage for bands.  Additionally, Splish and Splash Outdoor Pool is available to rent for after-hour parties.
Spouse & Child Abuse Report Point of Contact
24/7 Hotline to report spouse or child abuse.
Suicide Crisis Hot Line
Established in June 2013, this 24/7 hotline is FREE to all Service Members, DoD Civilians, family members, Retirees, Inivited Contractors, Veterans. The call is routed directly to the Military Crisis Line aka Veteran's Crisis Line, where the calls are manned by Veterans. This is a special line established in partnership with the National Suicide Prevention Life Line, for Veterans and their families living overseas. This line has a built-in community response system that can track any dropped call and immediately respond to the caller whether it is on-base or off-base. This is a partnership between the Korean National Police and USFK. The caller can dial directly from either a cell-phone or a land line.
Survivor Outreach Services (ACS)
Survivor Outreach Services (SOS) is an Army program developed to serve Surviving Families of the Fallen. SOS provides long-term support, resources, and emotional connections by maintaining a continuing relationship between Survivors and the Army. SOS is available to all Survivors: spouses, children, parents, siblings, and friends who are grieving the loss of a Soldier regardless of how they died. SOS coordinates with military, non- governmental organizations, and the local community to create a support network. All Army, Army National Guard, and Army Reserve component Survivors are eligible to participate.
Troop Dental Clinic/SGT Kim Dental Clinic
For after hour emergencies, please call 010-8972-1164 (Service Members only)
Turner Fitness Center
TurnerFitness Center offers cardiovascular equipment, a comprehensive weight room, a robust functional fitness, and an aerobic room.
Veterinary Treatment Facility
106th MED DET (VSS) Mission Statement: Provide Veterinary Service Support and Force Health Protection for Unified Land Operations in the event of transition to hostilities and sustain “Fight Tonight” readiness through the Armistice Operations within the Korean Theater of Operation.
Warrior Chapel
USAG Humphreys Chapel Community offers a variety of exciting programs to meet your religious and spiritual needs. Come join us for faith, friendship and fellowship!
Warrior Food Pantry
This organization can help with food insecurtiy.
WIC Overseas counselors determine eligibility for the program by evaluating income, family size, and certain other criteria. The Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Overseas Program provides you and your family with several important benefits.
You and Me Counseling (Pyeongtaek Office)
Youth Sports and Fitness
Youth Sports and Fitness Programs offers developmentally appropriate opportunities for children and youth to be engaged in individual and team sports, competitions, skill building clinics, and nutrition and health classes that foster development of life-long healthy habits. Youth Sports teams are available for various age groups in Baseball, Soccer, a Youth Running Club, Swimming, Basketball, Wrestling and other sports areas. Camp Humphreys teams play in a league with teams around the peninsula which sometimes requires travel.
Zoeckler Fitness Center
Zoeckler Fitness Center offers cardiovascular equipment, a comprehensive weight room, a basketball court, a rock-climbing wall, climbing ropes, an aerobic room and two functional fitness rooms. This facility offers 24/7 patron access.