The Community Resource Guide (CRG) is a comprehensive inventory of programs and services available to a military community. The CRG includes a needs-based search engine that allows the Army Family to identify and access programs and services from any Army installation in the world. The CRG helps community members identify resources, programs, and services based on need or category. The CRG also serves as a referral document for commanders, community leaders, and program managers. Use this CRG to empower yourself to find the programs and services you need to be a successful member of the Army Family. Wherever you go, there will be a CRG!

How to Browse this Website

  1. Start by selecting the Communities link at the top of this webpage.
  2. Choose a guide using the Country option for the location of your military base, or use the Command option to choose a guide from the command associated with your base.
  3. Once you've selected a guide, use the links in the Browse Resources menu to list resource items by Subject, Resource Provider, or alphabetically in an A-to-Z Index.
  4. Expand or collapse each subject or provider category by selecting its title link, or use the linked letters on the A-to-Z index to jump to that portion of the alphabetical list.
  5. Resource items are collapsed by default to show only a title and brief description. Select the title link to access all information including contacts, who the resource is intended for, address, and schedule if applicable.
  6. Use the provided contact information to obtain more detailed information from the resource provider.

Using Search

To search all communities on this website, use the Search All Communities link at the top of this page.

To limit your search to an individual community, first access the Guide you want to search and then use the Search link on the Browse Resources menu for that Guide.

All search results provide filters for Population, Subject, and Resource Provider to allow you to refine search results. Click a filter's link to apply it. Each filter will list the number of results it includes.

Search results are collapsed by default to show only title, description, and location. Select a resource title link to access all information.

Using Print

You can print a phone directory version of an individual Guide, which includes only resource titles, descriptions, and phone numbers, by using the Provider or A-to-Z Index options and then selecting Print. Please note that printed versions may generate a large number of pages.