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This guide contains a list of resources available to members of this US military community. It does not provide exhaustive information about each resource. Instead, it provides just enough information for you to quickly determine what resources are available to serve your needs. You can then use the included phone numbers or web links to obtain more detailed information for a particular resource.

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A-to-Z Index

Academic Performance Training
Academic Performance Training (APT) includes skills that help optimize classroom performance and maximize academic results. The R2 Training Center customized training options include planning and prioritizing time, the Study Power Hour, memory and recall improvement, effective note taking, reading efficiency, effective study partnerships, and combating test anxiety.
Academic Performance Training
Academice Performance Training (ATP) includes skills that help optimize classroom performance and maximize academic results. The R2 Training Centers customized training options include planning and prioritizing time, the Study Power Hour, memory and recall improvement, effective note taking, reading efficiency, effective study partnerships, and combating test anxiety.
Advocacy Center for the Children of El Paso, Child victim advocates
A private, non-profit organization that advocates for child victims of severe physically and/or sexually abuse. A child-oriented facility. An innovative approach in which investigating agencies collaborate to put the child's best interest first.
AER's MG James Ursano Scholarship Program
The program is based on financial need, academics, and leadership/achievement.
Air Compassion (Mercy Medical Airlift), Travel Assistance
Travel assistance, veterans travel, Emergency flights
American Cancer Society, Cancer information hotline; Smoking Cessation "Quitline"
Offer round-the-clock information and support online or toll free through cancer information hotline.
American Cancer Society, Community Safety/Efforts/Volunteering
Volunteer opportunities: Relay for Life registration, set-up, tear down, activity assistant, and much more.
Angel Flights, Travel Assistance
Free flights, Emergency situations, Financial hardship, For medical treatment. For Active Duty Soldiers
Annual Drinking Water Quality Report
The Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) is an annual drinking water quality report prepared by an organization that provides drinking water through a community water system. The US EPA requires that water purveyors for community water systems provide a CCR to their customers by July 1st every year. Information contained in the CCR includes the source of drinking water, applicable water quality requirements, and water system monitoring results for the previous year.
Armed Services Blood Program (ASBP)
Your donation helps to save the lives of military service members through the ASBP, the official United States military blood program.
Army Career and Alumni Program (ACAP), Transition Assistance
Soldiers within 1 year of ETS or 2 years of retirement for retirees may register with ACAP immediately.
Army Community Service (ACS), Couple's Communication
Couple's Counseling, Time Management, Men's Issues, Women's Issues
Army Community Service (ACS), Crisis Intervention
Child Abuse and Neglect, Crisis Intervention, Domestic Violence
Army Community Service (ACS), Deployment Readiness, Family Support Services
Family Readiness, Group Leader, and Liaison training; Workshops
Army Community Service (ACS), Stress and Anger Management
Anger Management, Assertiveness Training, Stress Management, Teen Issues, Workplace Violence
Army Community Service (ACS), Suicide Prevention
ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training), identify, converse, assist, thoughts of suicide
Army Community Service (ACS): Exceptional Family Members, Children With Special Needs
Exceptional, Family member, Special needs, Support groups, Respite care
Army Disaster Personnel Accountability and Assessment System (ADPAAS): Disaster accountability
After an emergency, all Army-affiliated personnel (Soldiers, Family members and Civilian employees) should report their status to their command at the first available opportunity.
Army Emergency Relief (AER), Financial Assistance
No-interest loan, non-interest deductions
Army Family Team Building (AFTB), Army Education
Enhance your knowledge of the Army, personal development and professional development. Also available on-line.
Army Health Clinic or Hospital, CPR Training
Covers Adult, Child and Infant CPR and Choking skills.
Army Health Clinic or Hospital, Multiple Health Concerns, Screenings and Counseling
Counseling; Health Care; Hearing Conservation; PTSD/TBI; STDs/Counseling/Testing; Optometry; Physical Exams
Army Housing One Stop: Army Housing Information - Worldwide
Army Housing OneStop is the official Army website for soldiers who need information about Military Family Housing (MFH)
Army Pregnancy Postpartum Physical Training (P3T) EDUCATION
Pregnancy and Postpartum Physical Training (P3T) education provides training for enhanced knowledge, skills, and resources to assist Soldiers during pregnancy and postpartum, and prepare Soldiers for delivery, recovery, and parenting.
Army Pregnancy Postpartum Physical Training (P3T) EXERCISE SESSIONS
Pregnancy and Postpartum Physical Training (P3T) exercise sessions assist Soldiers in maintaining optimal fitness during pregnancy and improving readiness postpartum, to return a fit Soldier back to unit PRT after maternity leave and the postpartum period.
ASAP: Non-Clinical Substance Abuse Counseling Services
Alcohol Related Issues, Drug Related Issues, Self Care, Tobacco Cessation
Association of the United States Army, Support for the Soldier
AUSA is a private, professional, non-profit educational organization that supports the Army - Active, NG, USAR, government civilians, retirees, veterans, wounded warriors, concerned citizens and family members.
AUSA Academic Grant Program: Omar N. Bradley Chapter of the Association of the United States Army (AUSA)
Academic Grants to qualified applicants. Membership in AUSA is not a prerequisite for selection. However, those applying must be attending (full/part time) or have been accepted by an accredited two/four year college, university or technical school.
Auto Crafts (MWR)
Do-It-Yourself hobby shop that provides the opportunity to work on your own vehicle to avoid costly professional services.
Battered Women's Shelter and Hotline
The shelter provides safe haven for women in an abusive relationship and also maintains a 24/7 hotline that can be called for support. The shelter will also take children.
Big Brothers Big Sisters of West Central Texas: Mentoring relationships
Enriches, encourages and empowers children to reach their highest potential through safe, positive mentoring relationships.
Biggest Loser Program, Enhanced Health Life Style Program
Receive a complete fitness assessment including a profile of your cardio-respiratory, absolute and dynamic strength, flexibility, and body composition.
Biggs Park
Paintball park, six-sided climbing tower, 1.2 mile track, exercise stations, playground, basketball/tennis/volleyball courts, horseshoe pits, softball fields, outdoor party equipment, and BBQ pits.
Center for Children - El Paso: Runaway and Homeless Youth
Family support programs and the specialized services needed to care for runaway and homeless youth and their families, homeless teen mothers and their children, and emotionally disturbed youth and their families
Chamber of Commerce, Employment/ Job Seeking
Focused on enhancing the business community in El Paso. New employment
Chaplain Services, Boy Scout's of America, Girl Scout's of America
The BSA/GSA provides a program for young people that builds character, trains them in the responsibilities of participating citizenship, and develops personal fitness.
Chaplain Services, Conflict Resolution, Couple's Counseling, Crisis Intervention, Deployment Readiness, Depression, Family Issues Support Service
A program created for the resilient Army family. Unit programs available.
Chaplain Services, Spiritual Fitness
Develop individual, Family, Community spiritual health, Chapel worship services, Religious education classes, Retreats, Prayer groups, Bible/Catechism studies
Chaplain Services, Suicide Prevention
Identify typical signs of a suicidal person and means of assisting them. Enable soldiers to recognize and overcome suicidal conditions in themselves and others
Child and Youth Services (CYS), Central Registration
Registers all children and youth ages birth through high school for all CYS programs.
Child Care Subsidies (CCS)Program through the YWCA
If a woman is working or in school 25hrs/wk. they can qualify for subsidized child care. On a sliding scale based on income.
Child Youth Services (CYS)- Child Development Centers
Provides child care for single/dual working parents full time, hourly care for volunteers and intermittent needs, and part-day preschool sessions during either morning or afternoon hours. Parent education classes offered monthly.
Child Youth Services (CYS)-Special Needs Program, Placement assistance, liaison, training support
Provides liaison services with EFMP, DoDDs, EDIS, Child Find, and MTF to place special needs children in an appropriate care setting. Provides training and consultation services to care giving staff and parents.
Children's Dentistry of El Paso, Children's Dentistry
Dentist, Pediatric dentist, Oral care
Children's Grief Center of El Paso: Crisis Intervention; Counseling
Provide grief counseling and support groups for all ages who have lost a loved one. Military specific "Operation Mend a Heart" is specialized for family members that have lost a loved one to war, accident, or illness. is the Internet's largest community of military wives and women in uniform. CinCHouse's mission is to provide information, resources, and a community of friends to help you survive the toughest times and enjoy the adventures of military life.
City of El Paso Department of Public Health
City of El Paso Department of Public Health
Coming Home Project, Holistic Services
The Coming Home Project is a non-profit organization providing holistic services for veterans who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, their families, and their service providers.
Community Health Nursing (CHN): Immunization Program
Immunizations, Pre/Post Deployment Health Briefings
Community Health Nursing (CHN): STD Counseling
STD awareness, understanding and prevention training offered.
Community Health Nursing (CHN): Tobacco Cessation (Adult)
Ongoing classes to promote tobacco cessation in our community.
Community Health Nursing (CHN):Health Screenings and Counseling
Health Screenings and Counseling, Classes
Community Health Nursing (CHN):HIV/AIDS Training
HIV/AIDS awareness, understanding and prevention training offered.
Dental Clinic: Importance of Tobacco Cessation (Adult)
Health Screenings and Counseling
Desert Strike Lanes: Recreation/ Entertainment/Hobbies
52 lanes, lounge with wide-screen TVs and entertainment. Pro shop, snack bar and beverages, Wi-Fi and music.
Dietician: Breast Feeding, Nutrition Education, Weight Management
Health Screenings and Counseling
Drug Disposal
Most unused and unneeded pharmaceuticals can be disposed in special drop boxes located at the pharmacy. This removes potentially harmful medications from the home and provides environmentally safe disposal. Contact the Pharmacy for any special concerns.
E.P. Dentistry 4 Kids, Children's Dentistry
Kids Dentistry
Early Childhood Intervention (ECI):Child Rearing and Children with Special Needs
Supports families with special needs children, disabilities and developmental delays. Early intervention from birth to three years of age and school age.
El Paso Child Crisis Center/Respite care and emergency child care
Funded by TRIAD grant to specifically help military families, provide care for children for respite care for an exhausted spouse caring for her children during a deployment, for a mother who has to deliver a baby and needs care for the older children, to provide emergency shelter for children.
El Paso Child Guidance Center: Mental Health Services
Provides outpatient mental health services for adults, children and families. Provide a range of mental health services including psychiatric evaluations, individual, family, and group therapy. Treatment services are tailored to meet the individual needs of children and families.
El Paso Depression Support: Support group
Support group for anxiety, eating disorders, ADD, PTSD, depression.
El Paso MH/MR: Mental Health, Mental Retardation
Mental health, Family health, Child health, Group therapy, Retardation issues
El Paso VA Health Care System
Veterans, Benefits, Healthcare, Health services
El Paso Zoo: Volunteers
Volunteer opportunities: Animal Keepers, etc.…
Employer Support of the Guard and Reserves: Difficulty retaining job after deployment.
Assistance for Soldiers and Employers when having difficulty placing the Soldier back into the existing job market after deployment.
Employment Readiness Program: Component of Army Community Service (ACS)
Provides the tools to be successful in the search for employment. Workshops, online job databases, assistance with resume, etc.…
Exceptional Family Member Program: Chronic or constant medical condition
For children or family members that have a medical condition that is chronic or constant - needing special medical treatment or program. Examples: asthma, autism, allergies, speech delays, sickle-cell anemia, CP, MS, cancer, depression, ADD/ADHD, hearing, down syndrome, etc...
Family Advocacy Program: Ft. Bliss Family Advocacy Program
Education/Skills; New Parent Education; Children: Rearing/Parenting skills; Counseling (Family and Individual); Pre-marital and Marital Counseling; Anger Management; Stress Management; Crisis Intervention
Family Child Care (FCC)- Family Child Care (In-home), Employment/ Job Seeking
Provides a full range of child care options in a family home setting.
Family Planning Services: City of El Paso Department of Public Health
Family planning services for women and men of reproductive age. Low Cost Quality care/strictly confidential. One to one counseling in a private setting to talk about your needs and concerns.
Fitness Centers (MWR):Fitness, Nutrition Education, Weight Management
Gyms, lockers, cardio exercise equipment, free-weights, aerobic classes, sauna rooms, snack bar, pro shop, racquetball courts, fitness coordinator.
Fort Bliss Hearing Program: Hearing Conservation
Clinic provides walk-in hearing screening/testing and ear plug fitting for Active Duty Soldiers and provides referrals to Audiology if needed.
Framing Bliss: Professional framing; Do-It-Yourself classes
The certified picture framer, on staff, can assist in designing the perfect image or can place an order for a print from a wide variety of catalogs. Do-It-Yourself classes are also offered.
Ft. Bliss Bugle
Find items for sale at discounted prices from reliable sellers or post an ad in order to sell your own items. Find postings for job openings, child care, etc.…
Ft. Bliss In/Out Processing Section: Orientation; Transition Assistance
All Soldiers in-processing, picking up PCS clearing papers, and PCS out-processing should report for assistance.
Ft. Bliss Rod and Gun Club: Classes, Ranges, and Matches
Ranges, 3-D archery range, NM hunting and fishing licenses, Bullseye Bar and Grill, Concealed Carry class, Trap and Skeet, matches/competitions, Bar and Grill
G.I. Bill Support Team: Education/Skills/Scholarships
Answer GI Bill questions
Goodwill of El Paso, Inc.: Employment Training and placement
Assist veterans with post-military employment training and placement opportunities.
Grace After Fire: Social/Support/Networking Group
Providing an online delivery of recovery support services. Grace has been created by women veterans for women veterans to offer a safe and confidential venue – a social network.
Health Promotion: Cholesterol/ Hypertension, Nutrition Education, Weight Management
Health Screenings and Counseling
Health Promotion: Civilian Fitness Program
Civilian exercise, workouts, physical training
Health Promotion: Injury Prevention
Monthly Running Shoe Clinics. Commander's Guide to Injury Prevention lists suggested PT sessions and injury prevention guidance and is available online.
Health Promotion: Stress Management
Unit training reps can become the SME on stress. Modules cover workplace, personal, and combat stress.
Health Promotion: Suicide Prevention
Health Promotion: Suicide Prevention
Hire Expectations: Employment/ Job Seeking; Teen Issues
Hire Expectations provides an opportunity for teenagers to learn important job skills such as how to write a resume, complete a job application, and market their volunteer experience.
Housing Environmental Health Response Registry
The Housing Environmental Health Response Registry is a resource for residents to report housing-related health information and concerns. Residents will be invited to enroll in the registry and initiate an exchange with public health professionals. Registry participants will receive information on in-home environmental health, assistance in seeking medical care, and an opportunity to share concerns with Army leadership.
Immigration Office (El Paso Field Office USCIS): Immigration Information Office
Appointments are to discuss immigration issues, questions and filing instructions, not to review an application. Applications can not be submitted to this office.
Infectious Disease Epidemiologist
State Health Department Infectious Disease Epidemiology Program. The contact information provided is for the chief infectious disease epidemiologist in that program. Within these programs, each state conducts disease surveillance, collects information on reportable diseases from all healthcare providers and hospitals, and from local and regional health departments. Each state’s infectious disease epidemiology program investigates disease outbreaks, analyzes and distributes information on the incidence and prevalence of infectious diseases, health events, zoonotic and vector-borne diseases and vaccine-preventable diseases. States provide considerable disease and state-specific information on their state health agency’s website and search engine.
iWatch Army
Suspicious Activity Reporting. A simple observation, a single report can lead to action that may stop a terrorist attack.
Junior Enlisted Family Center: Social group for spouses of SM E1-E5
Co-sponsored by the ASYMCA, with activities designed for spouses and children of Soldiers E-1 through E-5.
Legal Assistance Office: Deployment Readiness; Legal counseling
Provides legal counseling and guidance to AD and Retirees and their families free of charge. Services cover the full spectrum of civil law; family law, consumer law, wills and estates, and landlord/tenant law.
Little Picassos: Art classes for children
Creative Kids has designed an early-access-to-art curriculum for children 3-6 years old. This specialized class is taught by a certified child-life specialist, giving children the opportunity to discover and express themselves through different activities that include art, rhythm, movement and even preparing their own snack.
Local Air Quality Information
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a tool to communicate the status of local air quality to the public—the Air Quality Index (AQI). The AQI is derived from real-time air pollution measurements taken at monitoring stations throughout the United States. The AQI has three components: a color, a score and a health message recommending protective action based on the level of air pollution. The current AQI for air quality around Fort Bliss can be found on the Army Public Health Center website at the web address below.
Middle School and Teen Program (MSandT) Services: Recreation; Teen Issues, Youthplex
Provides a full range of activities for your middle school children.
Military "Parents as Teachers" Program: Home-schooling
Military families are increasingly impacted by repeat deployment, demands at home and the stress of being away. This program brings professional parenting support and child development information right to the homes of these young families.
Military Caregiver Resource Directory
Designed to help empower military caregivers with information about national-level resources and programs specifically for them. Topics include: helplines, advocacy and benefit information, career transitions and employment, military caregiver support, children’s needs, education and training, financial support, rest and relaxation, and others.
Military Caregiver Virtual Forum
Military caregivers may join their peers virtually in a Department of Defense online forum every month to discuss topics that they choose and network with others who are experiencing similar challenges. Caregivers learn skills to overcome challenges and share resources.
Military Child Education Coalition: Resource for education of children.
Provides workshops, books, and materials to help children develop and adjust to the military life; also resource for grieving/loss of parent or injury of parent.
Military Family Life Consultants (MFLC)
Provides information, assistance and support to military parents of school aged youth in grades K-12. The school liaison officer is the primary point of contact for public and private school matters.
Military OneSource: One-Stop Shop
Online or via a toll-free phone call, Military OneSource holds a plethora of resources including counseling, financial assistance, free tax filing and much more.
Military Pet Education (MilPetED) Mobile Application (Android)
MilPetED is a free application for smartphones and tablets, designed to provide easy access to animal health information, tips and resources for Service Members, beneficiaries, and retirees.
Military Pet Education (MilPetED) Mobile Application (iPhone)
MilPetED is a free application for smartphones and tablets, designed to provide easy access to animal health information, tips and resources for Service Members, beneficiaries, and retirees.
MOAA Scholarships: Military Officers Association of America
The Interest-Free Loan and Grant program provides $5,500 loans, which are renewable for up to five years of undergraduate study.
Model Cities - El Paso: El Paso Healthy Marriage Project
Program developed to promote happy and successful marriages that last a lifetime. Five session training program that provides practical, time proven methods for maintaining partnership, love, and romance.
Mothers of Pre-Schoolers (M.O.P.S.) Social group for mothers with pre-school aged children
The informal meeting is a chance for moms to get-together and network with other moms like themselves. Moms are encouraged to bring their children age 5 and younger.
National Association of Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies (NACRRA):Child Care
Web-site for locating recommended child care providers.
National Domestic Violence Hotline: Crisis Intervention
Help is available to callers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Hotline advocates are available for victims and anyone calling on their behalf to provide crisis intervention, safety planning, information and referrals.
National Military Family Association (NMFA): Military Spouse Scholarships
The Joanne Holbrook Patton Military Spouse Scholarships are awarded to spouses of all Uniformed Services members: Active Duty, National Guard and Reserve, Retirees, Survivors.
National Patient Center: Travel Assistance
Provide free flights to Soldiers who are injured in order to get to a treatment location and/or for emergent family situations.
National Resource Directory
The National Resource Directory is one of the largest online collections of government and non-government resources specifically designed for Veterans, service members, their families and caregivers. With a unique collection of more than 16,000 organized and vetted resources, the directory provides information covering a variety of topics, including benefits and compensation, education, homeless assistance, housing and other services.
NCO Wives Club: Social group for NCO wives
The purpose of the club is to help enhance the morale and welfare of the Fort Bliss community by providing an organized means for NCO spouses to meet and participate in social, recreational and welfare activities deemed appropriate by the membership.
New Mexico Military Institute: Education/Skills/Scholarships
High school grades 9-12, junior college, service academy prep, early commissioning.
Nutrition Care Division (WBAMC): Soldier Fitness and Readiness
Provide unit training on topics such as: Sports Nutrition, Dietary Supplements, Fad Diets, Training in Extreme Environments, Weight Loss and Weight Gain for Athletes, Eating Healthy while Dining Out, Setting up a Fitness Program, Commissary Tour, and Preventing Heart Disease and Diabetes.
Office of Wounded Warrior Care and Transition Policy (WWCTP): Social/Networking/Support; PTSD/TBI
"Square Deal" will cover WWCTP activities, provide updates on wounded warrior and transition news, and solicit thoughts on how the Defense Department can improve support and services to wounded warriors and their families.
On-line Military Medical Info: Health Care/Self Care
Health wise Knowledgebase online guide to symptoms/diagnosis/treatment